The Port of Catania

From an infrastructural point of view the Terminal is in the Port of Catania in a strategic position.

It is just a short stroll from the city centre and the railway station, both within walking distance, and it is linked to Catania airport “Vincenzo Bellini”, about 10 minutes by car.

The terminal is integrated with the urban fabric and represents the starting point of the WaterFront, prerequisite necessary for the development of the cruise sector.

Information about the Port

The Port of Catania is active 24/7, there are no time limits about how long cruise ships can stay at the mooring, in accordance to calendar and dock availability, and provides services such as pilotage, tugboats, ship repairs, bunkering, waste collection, water supply, ship provisions and terminal container.

The turning circle is 450 metres and the tidal range is within limits of ± 0,30 metres.

Cruising ships primarily moor at the central protruding pier (moorings 10, 11, 12 e 13), whose quays are more than 600 metres long, and from 30 to 40 metres wide, with a draught of about 10 metres and are equipped with bollards and fenders.


Quay number 10/11 is equipped with 4 pneumatic Yokohama fenders 3,5 metres wide in diameter, located about 50 metres one from the other. In case of need, cruising ships can occasionally moor also at the Eastern Pier (moorings 26 and 27), whose quay is totally 700 metres long (200 + 500), with a variable width from 20 to 50 metres, it can hold from 2 to 4 ships at the same time, with a maximum draught of 8 metres and equipped with bollards and fenders.