Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone

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Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone

Piazza Armerina is surrounded by woods of pine and eucalyptus, and is one of the most important archaeological centres in Sicily. Visit to Villa Romana del Casale with exceptionally preserved mosaics, declared World Heritage by Unesco. The villa, known all over the world, was a luxuriously decorated residence, formed by four groups of buildings linked one to the other and scattered on a hill, with polychrome mosaics covering the floors for over 3500 square metres.

A series of gangways allow a view from the top of the mosaics considered unique for their realism and lyricism, as well as for the variety of the characters depicted and of colours. In the afternoon we’ll proceed towards the elegant baroque town of Caltagirone, capital of Sicilian ceramics, and you’ll have the chance to appreciate that during your guided visit to the city centre. It is located in a picturesque position between Iblei and Erei mountains.

The symbol of the city is without any doubts the Stairway of Santa Maria del Monte, going from Piazza Municipio up to the Church of Santa Maria del Monte, formed by 142 stairs decorated with tiles in hand painted polychrome maiolica, each different from the other. Climbing is hard but the view from the top is worth the try. All along both sides of the stairway, there are ceramics laboratories where you’ll have the chance to look at artisans at work, and buy their products, too.

Duration: full day ( 8 hours)

Level of difficulty: medium


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13 January 2015