Militello in Val di Catania

Militello in Val di Catania

Enchanting baroque town in the province of Catania. It owes its fortune to Joanna of Austria who transformed it in court and spent there of a lot of time. The queen brought to the small town a taste for beauty and art and that was a moment of maximum splendour. The town is full with buildings in baroque style, from the Benedictine Monastery, to S. Nicholas museum, to the Churches of S. Maria alla Catena, Maria SS. Della Stella, and S. Maria la Vetere. All these buildings feature valuable decorations and the exceptional value of the monumental heritage in Militello in Val di Catania is part of the Val di Noto, Unesco World Heritage.

Duration: half day (4 hours)

Level of difficulty: easy



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15 January 2015