Catania beaches

Catania beaches

The marvellous province of Catania is home to several beaches.

Along the wonderful Sicilian Eastern coast there is a series of amazing beaches with golden sand. The magic atmosphere is made of clear blue water, volcanic rocks and, against the background, majestic Etna.

The Jonic sea follows the coast of the province of Catania for its entire lenght, that is 65 kilometres, along which sand and gravel beaches intermix with basaltic reefs.

Starting from the port and going South towards Syracuse the first beach is called Playa, in the wonderful framework of Catania Gulf, and then, off they go one after the other, Aci Castello, Acireale and Aci Trezza beaches.

Playa in Catania

The “Playa” in Catania is the beach symbol of the city.

It is a long and wonderful beach located in Catania suburbs, with golden sand and blue sea. This part of the coast is almost totally occupied by beach facilities, behind which there are several hotels, but there are also free areas managed by the municipality. Very popular in the summer, it is one the favourite destinations for people from Catania but not only: there are several tourists coming to this wonderful place to enjoy hot and sunny days and a fabulous sea.

It stretches for 18 kilometres, from the Port as far as the village called Agnone Bagni. Since the sixties the areas has strongly developed thanks to the coastal street and, later, to the opening of an International camping and several beach facilities.

Aci Trezza beach

Aci Trezza beach is located few kilometres from Catania port. Its volcanic origins offer the most fascinating scenario of the entire coast with eight faraglioni dominating the sea.

These faraglioni are the scenario also for a wonderful and fascinating legend. Not far from there you’ll find the small Lachea island, entirely rocky, that hosts biology laboratories of Catania University.

The reason for such a clean and blue is the marine reserve established in this area. Ideal for going diving and finding out the hidden underwater world, made of rich and varied marine fauna. Restaurants and hotels are scattered around to welcome the high number of tourists coming here every year.


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21 January 2015