Caltagirone and Vizzini

Caltagirone and Vizzini

Caltagirone is without any doubts an unmissable stop. This enchanting city is known all over the world for its ceramics handicraft production, which is still today a job for a number of artisans. Over the centuries this ancient art, whose origins date back to the period of the Arab domination, has greatly improved, but still keeps the same typical decorations, motifs and colours. This municipality belongs to the province of Catania and is Giovanni Verga’s hometown.

Its territory is mainly composed of hills and its characteristic features are narrow streets and alleys. After 1693 earthquake, buildings were rebuilt in a baroque style.

The heart of the city centre is piazza Umberto I, where there is also the Palazzo Municipale that became national monument in 1940 and regional museum in 1991. On that same square overlooks Verga’s Palace, where the writer lived.

Duration: full day ( 8 hours)

Level of difficulty: easy


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17 January 2015